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Solved: Mounting Synology DiskStation SMB Share from Ubuntu

2012 May 22
by Tedb0t

Today I received my brand new Synology DiskStation DS411 NAS and I was eager to start transferring files off my old Ubuntu server onto it.  I immediately ran into a problem with Ubuntu: though my DiskStation showed up in Network > Windows Shares, I got the dreaded “Unable to mount location: Failed to retrieve share list from server” message.  I hacked on this for the next hour and managed to successfully mount my DiskStation shares in Ubuntu. Read on!

  1. Find the IP address of the DiskStation. (The DiskStation’s DSM Network control panel will show it, grayed out, under DHCP settings)
  2. Open a terminal on the Ubuntu machine and do:
    gvfs-mount smb://admin@disk.station.ip.address/shareName
  3. Hit enter on the prompt for “Domain”
  4. Enter your password for the admin account on the DiskStation.
  5. You should now see your share in Ubuntu’s “Go” menu.

If you have any problems, try running

smbclient -L  -U admin

to see if the DiskStation is listable by Samba.

Hope this helps someone!

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