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PureData Workshop this Sunday in Brooklyn

2011 October 11
by Tedb0t

For anyone in the NYC area, I’m running a workshop on PureData, the free, open-source sound synthesis software. Sign up here! Here’s the description:

Bored with ordinary instruments? Can’t figure out how to get just the right sound you’re looking for? Ever wanted to build your own virtual instruments from scratch, or make a physical interface for your music? Wondering how sound and synthesizers work in the first place?

PureData is a free, open-source tool for making noise that encourages experimentation and rapid prototyping, and it’s fun, too! I’ll walk you through the basics of both PureData and sound itself to enable you to explore a whole new field of sonic possibilities. No programming knowledge required—I’ll tailor the material to your experience levels, so come check it out and bring your ideas and questions!

Come check it out!

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