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The World’s Cheapest Wii Sensor Bar

2011 April 19

A few months ago I accidentally fried my Wii Sensor Bar (a misnomer as it does not contain sensors of any kind) by powering it with an unregulated 12V power supply—whoops. So instead of buying a new one, which I’m loath to do given the typical prices, I built a new one with some infrared LEDs, a regulated power supply and—yes—a piece of cardboard.

Just solder up each LED after a 220 ohm resistor in parallel with each other—not in series.  This can be done with two “rail” wires, one connecting the positive leads, one connecting the grounds.  Then connect the rails to a standard barrel power connector and plug in your power supply.  I also added a green LED for visible power feedback.  Enjoy!

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