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Chronotronic Wonder Transducer

2009 December 23
by Tedb0t

CHRONOTRONIC WONDER TRANSDUCER is a miniature discollective of musick artists and poet-inventors.  Using a variety of means and methods, from hand-made electronics to custom-designed software, to conjure electromechanical invocations to dead gods and summon sound from the deep void of silence.  CWT’s lineup includes:

Ted Hayes presents Stan Breakhage, an ambient-industrial music & video performance that warps and manhandles Stan Brakhage’s venerable Dog Star Man into visual breakcore, aligned and controlled with custom-designed, live electronic instruments.  See a clip of Stan Breakhage’s premiere performance here.  Ted Hayes is a poet, inventor and composer whose work revolves around the concepts of the beautiful and the sublime, intersecting with desire and plummeting into stratospheres of bright noise and dark philosophy.  Combining both the arcane visions of structuralist film with a sincere sonic splendor, Stan Breakhage is not to be missed.  Read more about Ted’s work at

Joe Mariglio is a composer and artist whose practice spans many mediums.  He is often labeled an electronic musician, but does not really understand the term, since the vast majority of music has been electronic for some time.  Some of Joe’s work deals with problems surrounding the mediation of experiences.  Joe is also interested in networks, human and otherwise, structured improvisation, and narrative forms.  He enjoys baking bread, meditating, and building guitar pedals.  He documents his process at

And Um Yeah conjures a noisy electro–psychedelic swell and turns it into a song. Using handmade instruments, custom software, and creatively modified electronics, they will attempt to lure you in a world of fun and fear that you can only see by closing your eyes and pressing on your eyeballs. And Um Yeah isAmy Khoshbin and Michael Clemow, based in Brooklyn, NY.  Check them out at

Steven Litt is a recent graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program of NYU. He is the creator of CrudBox, a robotic rhythm machine that controls electronic or electromechanical devices, amplifying their sounds in real time. His work mixes the raw, abrasive sounds of noise and electroacoustic music with the rhythms of electronic dance music. He is an artist, designer, and musician. He currently lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Lori Napoleon is an artist, mad-scientist and synthesist inspired by the physics of sound and light.  Her background in the hybrid art and science of holography fuels her continued explorations in process and material, and the creative potential intrinsic in challenging our assumptions about everyday objects, and repurposing obsolete technologies.  Spawned by her hybrid love of electronic music and the primordial urge to “build stuff,” Lori is currently focused on sound and instrument design, beating circuits into submission, and composition with analog electronics.

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