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Photoshop to Flash: Best Practices

2010 July 9
by Tedb0t

Building out a Flash interface from a PSD can be a time consuming process, so to make things most efficient, here are some handy guidelines for preparing Photoshop files.  Designers may want to duplicate their PSD and save it as a new file specifically for Flash import if they want to keep extra hidden layers, etc..

  • Turn off or delete all unused or irrelevant layers.
  • Merge all adjustment layers or masks into regular layers.  Masked layers or groups cannot be used!
  • Layer effects are OK!  However, if you turn one off and don’t plan on using it at all, make sure you remove the effect by dragging it onto the trash icon in the Layers palette.
  • Vector graphics are always preferred!  If you are using Illustrator to design any assets, please provide the Illustrator file too, as Flash cannot import Smart Vector Objects.
  • Vector graphics are especially preferred for layers intended to be animated.  Imported bitmaps will often look shoddy and low-resolution when moving around and rotating.
  • If an Illustrator file can’t be provided, rasterize any Smart Vector Objects or other non-standard layers.
  • Keep groups and layers orderly and named accurately whenever possible 😉

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