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How to Enable Flash Debug Player 10 Logging

2010 August 16
by Tedb0t

What’s the fastest, easiest way to debug remote Flash apps?  Adobe’s own log file: flashlog.txt.  Here’s how on OSX:

  1. Download the Flash Debug Player from Adobe (you want the “Plugin content debugger”).
    cd /Library/Application\ Support/Macromedia
    echo ErrorReportingEnable=1 > mm.cfg && echo TraceOutputFileEnable=1 >> mm.cfg
    tail -f ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/Logs/flashlog.txt

Bam.  The funny part is, you’ll get trace messages from any and all Flash apps that run on your computer, so you get to see how terribly executed many Flash web apps are.  All the paths for various operating systems are listed here.

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