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AS3: Copying object properties to other objects

2010 July 2
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by Tedb0t

Say you want to copy all the properties of an object to another object, but you can’t just assign it because they’re different types:

var requestVars:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
var myObject:Object = {prop1:"someValue"};
requestVars = myObject; // Throws type mismatch error

So you need to iterate through the properties of the source object and assign them to the target. You can do this with AS3’s array-like property access syntax:

for (var prop in myObject) requestVars[prop] = myObject[prop];
trace(requestVars.prop1); // prints "someValue"

Easy! Now sometimes you might need to do something similar with an XML file, say, a configuration file with a bunch of properties that you want to automatically assign to a local object:

var configXML:XML =

var paths:Object = new Object();

for each (var val in configXML.paths.*) paths[] = val;

trace(; // prints ""

You now have a plain Object instance with all the properties of the XML tree. Bing!

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One Response
  1. radistao permalink
    September 18, 2012

    This works only for object with dynamic properties. For class properties you need to use ObjectUtil.getClassInfo().properties array

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