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Importing GitHub issues into JIRA OnDemand

2014 October 23
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by Tedb0t

JIRA has a GitHub issues importer, but it isn’t available on the Atlassian Marketplace for JIRA OnDemand, the hosted version of JIRA.  I thought I was going to have to fsck around with a CSV import script but thankfully it’s not necessary: buried in the Atlassian OnDemand docs is a section on “Importing Data from GitHub,” which allows you to import one or more GitHub repos as projects, whether new or existing. I just did it, and it worked almost perfectly, retaining issue comments and everything, with the following caveats:

  • The GitHub repo I was interested in importing was under a GitHub organization.  The importer doesn’t recognize this, so at first the repo didn’t show up in the list.  All I had to do was star the repos I wanted to import, back up and it showed up.
  • The importer will create JIRA users for every user referenced in the issue tracker!!  It didn’t tell me this or give me any options, so you’re going to have to live with it.  In my case it wasn’t a big deal, since several of the users were ones I would have to create anyway.  The problem is that if the user had comments or tickets, you won’t be able to delete them from JIRA.  O_O
  • Only one out of ~160 issues didn’t import, and I suspect it was because of a unicode emoticon in a comment. (?)


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2 Responses
  1. Ksyai permalink
    December 3, 2014

    Issue of extra users can be resolved setting JIRA logins = GitHub logins (not emails) before importing. Than JIRA users will be applied.

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