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pComp: “SpinTone” in process

2008 October 21
by Tedb0t

“SpinTone” is a data auralizer that uses an array of 10 60mm fans to generate fixed tones by blowing over bottles. We’re using a small Arduino program that reads in single integers to toggle the state of each fan, and a Processing app that sends these signals over serial.

Here we are initially testing the fans and arduino program with a simple digital momentary switch:

We used an array of TIP120 transistors to control the 12v fans with the 5v Arduino control signals:

We added LED indicators in parallel with the transistor’s control input and linked my keyboard’s home row keys to the array:

Patrick has been working on a Processing interface that retrieves the number of hits a search term returns on a variety of newssources. More to follow!

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