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Continuum.Puncta: Steve Litt + Ted Hayes

2009 June 6
by Tedb0t

Live @ Monkeytown, May 22, 2009: Continuum.Puncta

In a novel collaboration, artist and composer Ted Hayes combined his languid “function drones” with sonic inventor Steve Litt’s “CrudBox,” a solenoid-driven percussive sequencer, to create a fully analog performance that juxtaposes fields of continuous tones—the continuum—with sequences of percussive beats—the “puncta.”

Ted uses common laboratory equipment—the function generator—with processors from much different contexts, like guitar pedals, as a platform for composing epic, rumbling aural landscapes. Conducted with the aid of artful and detailed graphic scores, he is interested in developing melodies that are just out of reach of ordinary timeframes, resulting in impressions and visions as opposed to discrete themes and leitmotifs.

Meanwhile, Steve Litt punctuated these fields and spaces with the amplified percussion generated by his CrudBox, a handmade hardware sequencer that strikes small samples of varying materials to produce a panoply of alien sounds.

Special guest Adam Harvey showed his interactive KaKoozies: “Combining gesture recognition with beer mugs, KaKoozies is a system for creating kinetic art while drinking beer.”

Thanks to everyone for coming to the show, and special thanks to Lindseytr0n for shooting extra video!

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